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Alexander H. Bentz

I am a PhD candidate at the University of Colorado (CU) Boulder Department of Economics in the field of Labor Economics. My research focuses on topics in the economics of education, childhood development, and postsecondary education.



Local Prescription Opioid Use and Academic Achievement

Education Economics (2023)

Examines the relationship between the local prescription opioid use and academic achievement of 3rd-8th graders in the US.

Debt burden after college: the effect of student loan debt on graduates’ employment, additional schooling, family formation, and home ownership

Education Economics (2018), with Erin Velez and Melissa Cominole

Examines the effects of student debt on a set of life course outcomes including home ownership, family formation, further schooling, net worth, and labor market earnings.

Alternative and Independent: The Universe of Technology-Related Bootcamps

RTI Press (2019), with Caren Arbeit, Emily Forrest Cataldi, and Herschel Sanders

Provides descriptive statistics from a novel data collection of the characteristics of technology bootcamps to classify programs based on their modality (online vs. offline), intensity, total tuition fees, and length of program.

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